Vol. 31 No. 6 Feb. 2014



  1. The relationship between narcissistic vulnerability and selfobject-experiences with parents in adolescence: KOYA, Mayumi and OKAMOTO, Yuko
  2. “Tuning” in psychotherapy: IMANISHI, Toru
  3. The attitude adjustment process of nurses engaged in tertiary emergency medical care, with reference to a patient who attempted suicide: URIZAKI, Takao
  4. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for adolescent obsessive-compulsive disorder with deliberate family intervention: FUJIOKA, Isao and NONAKA, Maiko
  5. A case study of experiential therapy utilizing interaction for a depressive male high-school student who was not attending school: NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki
  6. A case study of the reorganization of the support system in an elementary school accompanying the establishment of special needs education: ZUSHIDA, Yuko
  7. An examination of the deconstructive process of Ojo-Kichisa’s gender identity from “Sannin-Kichisa Kuruwa-no-Hatsugai”: KATAGIRI, Aki and TSUJIKAWA, Masato
  8. Treating child abuse experiences in prison inmates to integrate them and to change their offensive behaviors: MORI, Mayumi; FUJIOKA, Junko and SHIMOGO, Daisuke
  9. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for a client with depression and unidentified complaints for over ten years: MITAMURA, Takashi and MUTO, Takashi
  10. How children’s affirmative and/or negative perceptions of their family members affect their depression: MIYASAKA, Ryo
  11. A qualitative study on“feeling of being contaminated”in sexual-assault survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder by examining the narrative change in Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy: SAITOH, Azusa; TSURUTA, Nobuko and ASUKAI, Nozomu
  12. Transmutative process of relationships with deceased in counseling a bereaved female student: YAMANAKA, Akira

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